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Dots! 2.8.0


Dots! Help File

Dots! Help File

How to play:


  • Left arrow: move left
  • Right arrow: move right
  • Space Bar: shoot
  • P: pause/unpause
  • S: save
  • O: options
  • V: version (only works when not paused)


  • Lives: Your remaining lives. You lose a life when you collide with a dot.
  • Hits: Your hits. If you get 5 hits, you get an extra life and your hots are reset to zero.
  • Score: Your score.
  • Red Dots Shot: Shows how many red dots have been shot out of 10.
  • Bullet Strength: Shows the maximum number of dots that can be destroyed with one projectile.
  • Play area: The game takes place inside this.

Dot Types:

  • Blue Dot: The standard dot. Shoot it for 10 points.
  • Orange Dot: Extra life dot. Shoot it for 10 points and an extra life.
  • White Dot: Increased projectile strength dot. Shoot it for 10 points and a one-dot increase in projectile strength.
  • Yellow Dot: Extra hit dot. Shoot it for 10 points and an extra hit.
  • Red Dot: Level complete dot. Shoot five to complete the level.
  • Green Dot: Extra projectile dot. Shoot it to be able to have more projectiles onscreen for a time.
Rules: To finish a level, shoot 5 red dots. Colliding with dots hurts you (explained in Interface). To activate a power-up, shoot it.


Site News:

July 20, 2014: More Updates! Removed the Planned Games section.

January 16, 2013: Updates! Added the Planned Games section. Also, added the Dots 2.0 announcement.