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November 4-November 22:

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Star Coins:

1) Try throwing a koopa shell at the star coin rather than trying to collect it yourself.

2) Look everywhere, because star coins can be found anywhere, sometimes even in the pathway to a secret exit!

3) If you collect a star coin before the midway flag, then lose a life after the midway flag, the star coin's collection is saved so that if you restart the level from the midway flag (i.e. do not go to any other levels), you will still have the star coin collected, which means you do not need to collect it again!

November 22, 2011-February 12, 2012:

Toad Houses:

1) There are three types of Toad Houses, Mega Mushroom, 1-up, and Power-up.

2) You can generate Toad Houses with the timer if the last two digits are the same and nonzero. the type is determined by the last two digits of the timer. 99, 88, and 77 generate Mega Mushroom Toad Houses. 66, 55, and 44 generate 1-up Toad Houses. 33, 22, and 11 generate Power-up Toad Houses.

3) Toad Houses disappear after one use unless you complete all levels, in which case only Toad Houses generated with the timer disappear.

February 12, 2012-May 1, 2012:

Toad Houses II:

1) Mega Mushroom Toad Houses contain a large block that, when hit, places a Mega Mushroom in your reserve slot.

2) Power-up Toad Houses contain a large block that flashes between different power-ups, that, when hit, places the currently displayed power-up in your reserve slot, unless there is already a equal or more valuable item already there, in which case you get 1000 points instead.

3) 1-up Toad Houses contain a set of 6 blocks, of which 3 contain a single 1-up, 1 contains three 1-ups, 1 contains a 2x card that doubles all the 1-ups you have accumulated, and 1 contains a bowser card, which stps you from getting any more 1-ups and gives you the 1-ups you have accumulated (as extra lives, not a reserve item), as if you had hit all the blocks other than the bowser card.