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Fire flower.
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Top Secret Hint:

Warning about breaking brick blocks during a jump over a pit, enemy, etc.: They someimes are item or coin blocks in disguise and these kinds of blocks are not breakable. This means you will hit into them and mess up your jump instead of breaking them as planned.

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Daily Mario Question:

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What is the last enemy (not obstacle) in the game that is not a boss?

Correct! The last enemy in the game is a Podoboo.

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Secret Exits:

1) Secret exits are found in some levels and have red flags on their flagpoles, instead of black.

2) Completing a level with the secret exit ALMOST ALWAYS (maybe not on one level) unlocks a secret path.

3) Ghost houses always have secret exits and these lead to cannons.

4) World 1-Tower has a secret exit (the only tower to have one) and it leads to the World 1 Cannon.

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June 22, 2012: Login Bug Fixed
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