EndPlus for Minecraft

EndPlus is the Nether and End improvement mod. It adds new ores, tools, mobs, foods, and terrain generation to the Nether and End dimensions.

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Downloads of all 1.6 versions: 1146

Downloads of all 1.5 versions: 1023

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  • 1.6:


    For older versions, go to the archive page.

    Mod Info:

    Ever thought that the End was a bit empty, or that the Nether needed something more?
    Well, then this might just be the mod you want.

    EndPlus adds new ores, tools, armor and more to the Nether and End dimensions. These ores are Flamerite in the Nether, and Enderite in the End. You can craft Gold and Flamerite together to make Flamerite-Gold. Flamerite-Gold tools and armor have automatic random enchantments. Enderite and Flamerite also have their own tool and armor sets. The End can also generate infinitely, and small patches of Ender Dirt with Ender Wart growing in them can generate in The End. The End terrain is also changed, with bluish Ender Grass and Ender Trees growing around the End. The Nether is now layered, with Soul Dirt on the surface, wild Nether Wart, and Umbrite Ore in the upper layer, and Netherrack on the surface and Flamerite Ore in the lower layer. The terrain of the Nether, except for the ground and ceiling, is made of Nether Stone. Essence blocks generate underground in each dimension. They are currently just decorative. The End also now has a day-night cycle like the Overworld, but no sun visible in the sky.

    Quest Villagers can be found when the population of a village naturally increases, or gotten through Mob Spawners and Spawn Eggs, but they do not spawn naturally with the world. They give the player quests to find a structure containing a certain Quest Block and bring the block back to the villager for a reward. An item known as the Quest Compass points to the correct structure for the most recently activated quest.

    There is a biome in the Overworld called the Enchanted Hills biome. It includes yellowish-gold colored grass and leaves. However, these are not normal grass and leaves. Normal grass and leaves in this biome will still be the colors you expect. These are Enchanted Grass and Enchanted Oak and Enchanted Birch leaves. Underground, a new ore known as Golderald spawns. Golderald can be used in making the Golderald Wand.

    Ender Redstone Ore generates in the End. It can be used to make things like wireless redstone, block breakers, and block placers. However, the wireless redstone still requires a line of sight between the emitter and receiver.

    Mob spawners, spawn eggs, and monster egg blocks are now craftable using a new ore found in the Nether called Umbrite. The Granite from the 1.8 snapshots has also been added to the Overworld, with the textures from the snapshots, but with different generation. Also, Granite can only be mined with a stone pickaxe, rather than any pickaxe like in the snapshots. Cavernstone had also been added to the Overworld. It can rarely drop valuable items, but can also spawn Cave Spiders. Special Ender Blocks can be crafted with Obsidian and either an Ender Pearl or an Eye of Ender.

    But such powerful ores are not left unguarded. In the End, a mob, called the Dragonfire, can spawn and is always hostile. It drops an Eye of Ender.

    Combining Nether Quartz with a Gold Nugget gives you Infused Quartz. It can be made into tools with the durability and strength of iron, and the speed of gold. It can also be made into an armor set with a strength between iron and diamond.

    There also is a new food, Ender wart. It must be grown on Ender Dirt. Once full-grown, it can be harvested like any other crop. The item given, Ender Wart, can be cooked to make Cooked Ender Wart, which makes it more useful.
    There is also a flower called Shadowbloom in the End. It is purely decorative for now.

    Additionally, there is a structure made of Enderwood and Enchanted Ender Obsidian with a chest inside that generates in the End.



    Tools are crafted as normal with sticks and resources. Armor is crafted as normal.

    Tool types:

    • Enderite
    • Flamerite
    • Gold-Flamerite
    • End Stone
    • Nether Stone

    Armor types:

    • Enderite
    • Flamerite
    • Gold-Flamerite



    The rotten flesh can be any of these:

    Spawner TypeItem Used
    Ghast TearGhast
    WitchGlowstone Dust
    SilverfishSmooth Stone
    Zombie PigmanGold Nugget
    Cave SpiderSpider Eye
    OcelotRaw Fish
    MooshroomRed Mushroom

    Moss Stone Stairs:

    Quest Compass:

    Ender Obsidian:

    Enchanted Ender Obsidian:

    Not Working!

    Dyeing buoys: The same as dyeing wool

    Spawn Egg:

    As in the spawner, the rotten flesh can be any of the following:
    Spawn Egg TypeItem Used
    Ghast TearGhast
    WitchGlowstone Dust
    SilverfishSmooth Stone
    Zombie PigmanGold Nugget
    Cave SpiderSpider Eye
    OcelotRaw Fish
    MooshroomRed Mushroom

    Ender Torch (can be done anywhere in grid):

    Glowstone Torch (can be done anywhere in grid):

    Resource storage blocks are crafted with 9 of a resource.



    Most of the added blocks:

    The buoys, glowing at night:

    The improved End worldgen and a Dragonfire:

    The improved Nether worldgen:

    Cooked Ender Wart is edible:

    There are three new armor sets. This is the flamerite set:

    The Ender Wart farms generating in an infinite End (note the coordinates):

    Umbrite ore, Granite, and Mob Spawners:

    Change List

    Change List



    Added Enderite ore, tools, armor, gem, and storage block to the End.

    Added Flamerite ore, tools, armor, ingot, and storage block to the Nether.

    Added Flamerite-Gold ore, tools, armor, ingot, and storage block.

    Added Nether Stone to the Nether.

    Added Nether Essence to the Nether.

    Added Ender Wart.

    Added Ender Dirt.

    Added Buoy.

    Added Ender Torch.

    Added Nether Torch.

    Added Dragonfire mob to the End.


    Added infinite terrain generation to the End.

    Added somewhat rare Ender Wart farms to the end containing 39 Ender Dirt and 13 Ender Wart each.

    Ender wart has been renamed to Raw Ender Wart.

    Raw Ender Wart is now edible.

    Enderite ore is now more rare.

    Removed Ender Dirt crafting recipe.

    Removed Ender Wart crafting recipe.

    1.2.0 (The Spawner Update):

    Added Umbrite Ore to the Nether.

    Added craftable Mob Spawners.

    Spawn Eggs are now craftable.

    Added Nether Stone tool set.

    Added End Stone tool set.

    Added Block of Umbrite.

    Monster Egg blocks are now craftable.

    Flamerite ore is now more rare.

    Granite now generates in the Overworld.

    Polished Granite can be made from Granite the same way that Smooth Sandstone is made from Sandstone.

    Fixed crash bug cause by zipping an unneeded containing folder

    Flamerite-Gold tools now have random enchantments

    Updated to Minecraft version 1.7.2 and Minecraft Forge

    A new block called Soul Dirt is available in the creative menu

    Lucite Ore generates underground at similar depths to gold and drops Lucite Crystals when mined

    Umbrite and Lucite crystals give useful potion effects, with Umbrite giving more powerful effects, but it has a 1/9 chance of backfiring and giving you the Nausea potion effect for 1 minute and 30 seconds

    Fixed the following bugs:
    Ender wart looking like a poppy

    Mined ores other than Enderite Ore not dropping anything

    Nine flamerite ingots crafting into a Block of Umbrite

    Nine umbrite crystals crafting into a Block of Flamerite

    Ender Dirt being missing from the creative menu

    1.4.0 (The End Update):

    Added Ender Trees

    Added Ender Trees to End world generation

    Added Ender Wood Logs, which craft into Dark Oak Planks

    Added Ender Leaves

    Added Ender Saplings

    Added Ender Grass

    Improved Nether terrain generation

    Added Soul Dirt to Nether world generation

    Fixed the following bugs:

    Missing mcmod.info file

    Ender Wart dropping Nether Wart


    Added version checker

    Fixed the following bugs:

    Ender Wart dropping Nether Wart (the fix didn't work last time)

    Enderwood Wood not crafting into planks

    Player-placed Enderwood Leaves decaying

    Tools not affecting block break speeds

    Major code rewrite

    Updated description in mcmod.info

    Fixed the following bugs:

    Missing mcmod.info file (the fix didn't work last time)

    Added Cavernstone
    Added Overworld Essence
    Added Ender Essence
    Moved blocks and items into new creative tabs Fixed the following bugs:
    Diamonds generating much more rarely (Thanks for pointing this out Drukie!)
    All Gold-Flamerite textures missing
    Message on version checker connection failure is just version server domain name

    Buoys can now be dyed by crafting them together with a dye
    Size of Cavern Stone deposits had been reduced from 64 to 40
    Buoys can now be crafted with Nether and Ender Torches as well as regular ones Fixed the following bugs:
    All Buoy recipes producing White Buoy
    Block of Lucite harvestable without a pickaxe
    Buoy needing pickaxe to harvest
    Dragonfire spawn egg recipe producing entity.MinecartCommandBlock.name spawn egg
    Version checker failing to connect to server even with working network connection
    1.5.0 (The Ender Redstone Update):
    Added Ender Redstone Ore to End
    Added Ender Redstone Emitter
    Added Ender Redstone Receiver
    Added Block Breaker
    Added Block Placer
    Added Block of Ender Redstone
    Added Moss Stone Stairs
    Added /witty command
    Added /version command
    Added Ender Obsidian
    Added Enchanted Ender Obsidian
    Added configurable override dimension ID
    Added Quest Block to creative inventory; to be used for a future feature
    Fixed the following bugs:
    Missing block names for Ender Obsidian, Enchanted Ender Obsidian, and Block of Ender Redstone
    Server thinking that latest version is 1.4.4

    Updated to Minecraft version 1.7.10 and Minecraft Forge
    Added Infused Quartz recipe, tools, armor, ingot, and storage block (Thanks for suggesting this Zanie!)
    Added 16 types of Quest Blocks with unique textures for each type
    Fixed the following bugs:
    Fixed /version command saying mod's version was 0.0.0
    Fixed recursive updating bugs with Ender Redstone Emitters and Receivers

    1.6.0 (The Overworld Update):
    Added Quest Villagers (not exactly, they have been in the mod since 1.5.0)
    Added Quest Compass to point to quest destinations
    Added Enchanted Hills biome
    Added Golderald ore, gem, and storage block to the Overworld
    Added Enchanted Oak and Enchanted Birch trees in Enchanted Hills biome
    Added Enchanted Oak and Enchanted Birch trees wood and leaves
    Added Enchanted Grass
    Added Smooth Stone Slab and Smooth Stone Stairs
    Added Chiseled Stone
    Replaced Dragonfire with Endergeist (Happy Halloween!)

    Added Shadowbloom flower
    Retextured Enderwood Logs
    Added Enderwood and Enchanted Ender Obsidian structure with chest inside to End worldgen

    Fixed the following bugs:
    All future versions showing up as "0.0.0" with the /version command
    Enchanted Oak and Birch Leaves looking like Enderwood Leaves on Fast graphics
    1.7.0 (The Update that Changed the End, Part 1) (2-year Anniversary Update):
    Added day-night cycle to End
    Added Shadow Armor crafted using Shadow Crystals
    Added Shadow Crystals from crafting Shadowbloom Flowers
    Added Enderwood Planks, Slabs, and Stairs
    Added /eptime debug command

    Fixed the following bugs: Fixed all armor having missing textures
    Fixed certain blocks being breakable by Ender Dragon when they shouldn't be