Deeper Caves for Minecraft

There used to be legends. Legends of places below the previously conceived bottom of the Overworld. Some said that the Bedrock was the end of the line, while others said that it was just a barrier protecting us from what lies below.

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    Mod Info:

    Ever wanted to explore below the Bedrock? Do pits 200 blocks deep, mazes of caverns, and compressed ores sound interesting to you?
    If so, you may want to take a look at this mod!

    This mod is based on the Deeper Caves suggestion by kittykattykat.

    At this point, there are Drop, Maze, Crystal, Compressed, and Bedrock Plains levels. All ore blocks on those levels have been added. However, Ametrine also does not have the mob-attracting effect, and there is no Molten Iron, just Lava in its place.

    This is the second attempt to make this mod. Before I tried, another user named Koopinatorthegreatest tried to do this. However, after having significant issues, he abandoned the project. I took over and began to work on this mod.



    Ametrine-Tipped Pickaxe:

    To get other types of ametrine-tipped pickaxes, replace the iron pickaxe in the recipe with another type of vanilla pickaxe (e.g. stone, diamond).



    Most of the added blocks:

    The Drop level:

    The Maze level:

    The Crystal level:

    The Compressed level:

    The Bedrock Plains level:

    The Near Nether level:

    The Near Void level:

    Change List

    Change List

    0.1.0 (The Bedrock Plains Update): Added Sapphire, Aquamarine, Ametrine, and Silver. Added Drop, Maze, Crystal, Compressed, and Bedrock Plains levels. Added Ametrine tipped pickaxes. Added Compressed ores. 0.1.1: Portals now generate at the top and bottom of layers in layers, not like ores. Blocks and items now have Ore Dictionary names. Each layer is now its own biome. Portals are now unbreakable. Fixed the following bugs: Sapphire ore missing texture. 0.1.2: Fixed the following bugs: Game crashes on world creation. 0.2.0 (The Near Void Update): Added Near Nether level. Added Near Void level. Replaced portals with y-coordinate checks. Added Tenebrium ore, ingot, and block. Improved version checker. Possibly reduced the lag a bit (not sure by how much, it varies). Fixed the following bugs: Lots of lag (maybe). Version checker displaying future versions as "0.0.0". 0.2.1: Fixed the following bugs: Ores not dropping gems. Hardness of Silver ore being incorrect. Hardnesses of resource blocks being incorrect. 0.2.2: Added Final Labyrinth level. Added Forgotten Gemstone ore, gem, and block. Added Molten Iron to Bedrock Plains level. Added Fragmented Bedrock Buckets. Fixed the following bugs: Ores not dropping XP. Compressed ores not dropping themselves when mined with silk touch.



    Info coming soon!